YGSMRB is one of the main units of the Ministry of Oil and Minerals. It was established by the Republican decree No. 317 of 1999 and is concerned with the information related to geology in Yemen.

The creation of the board is traced back to the early 1970s as it started out as smaller units concerned with geology. Such units were later merged following the declaration of Yemen's unification in 1990 and became "Mineral Explorations Board". In 1996, the General Yemeni Corporation for Mineral Wealth and Geological Survey was established and then finally the Yemeni Geological Survey and Mineral Resources Board emerged in 1999.
Key Objectives:
1. Conducting geological surveys and preparing the geological and thematic maps.
2. Implementing minerals research and exploration activities and conducting researches in relation to the earth sciences.
3. Awarding prospecting, exploration and minerals exploitation licenses.
4. Monitoring the activities of the mining companies.
5. Overseeing the Earthquakes and Volcanoes Monitoring and Study Center.
6. Developing and executing the promotion plans and programs for the open areas.
7. Providing information and technical assistance to the State's institutions and investors with regard to earth sciences.
Our services:
YGSMRB possesses a good data base of geological and exploration data, specialized laboratories and other technical services to enhance the field activities. The main services include:
- Preparing geological and thematic maps.
- Implementing geo-chemical and mineral studies.
- Analyzing and interpreting the aerial magnetic survey and electro-magnetic maps and surveys.
- Exploring of mineral resources.
- Studying and appraising the environmental impact resulting from the natural disasters and mining projects.
- Implementing the geo-technical and hydro-geological studies.
- Providing information related to earth sciences.
- Introducing the earth sciences and disseminating the mining knowledge among students and researchers through the geology museum.

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