ابحث في البيانات الجيولوجية


Welcome to the official website of the Yemen Geological Survey Board (YGSMRB). The Board very much appreciates your interest.

This website outlines a brief introduction to the geology and mineral resources of Yemen and the activities of the Yemeni Geological Survey and Mineral Resources Board (YGSMRB). Since the mining sector is expected to play a key role in the development of the Yemen economy as well as providing numerous jobs, it has the full support and interest of the Government . The Government considers the mining sector has the potential to supplement foreign exchange revenues currently derived from the sale of oil and gas.

The website seeks to provide all the necessary information and data for investors and researchers alike and to contribute to disseminating the mining culture. We invite your comments, suggestions and other feedback on the website so that we can continue to improve it to meet your needs.

Finally, we hope that the website has met your demands and answered your inquiries as we look forward to discussing your investments in the mining sector. We also hope that the Board has fulfilled its role and responsibilities to the Yemen people and Yemeni society.

Chairman of the YGSMRB
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