Construction and Decoration Stones

There are numerous sites suitable for the quarrying of sites for construction and decoration stones in Yemen.  Many of these sites are located close to infrastructure thus facilitating commercial development and many deposits occur as hills which facilitates optimum quarrying operations. The main rocks suitable for construction and decorative purposes include represent promising grounds for exploitation especially that they are close to the transportation lines and are featured by a topography that is enabling for creation of quarries for extraction and shaping. They contain stones of various types and colors and occur in economic quantities; granite reserves of 316 million m3 at Sa'ada, Mareb, Al-Beidha and Hajja; marble reserves of  occur by over 900 million m3 at Sana'a, Taiz, Abyan, Al-Beidha, Mareb and Hajja;  while limestone and dolomite reserves are 10 billion m3 at numerous location in Western Yemen. There are Basalt reserves are 58 million m3 of basalt reserves located at in Taiz, Ibb, Dhamar and Sana'a while tuff and Ignimbrite occur in Taiz, Ibb, Dhamar and Sana'a where they comprise  31 million m3 of reserves. These deposits are considered to be significant  Such features are real investment opportunities.
The ores and their technical specifications of deposits suitable for commercial development can be summarized as follows:

12-1 Tuff and Ignimbrite:

The tuff and ignimbrite rocks occur in  are largely extended over the areas of volcanic rocks (51 discovered sites) and their total reserves exceeds in reserves of over 343.6 million m3. These rocks are characterized by the variations in color and lend themselves to easy quarrying and shaping and they have  easy shaping and cheap prices coupled with good technical specifications. They are of low qualitative weight with a specific gravity ranging from averaging 1.53-2.96,  their compressive strength is good resistivity of pressure of 1160- 170 kg/cm2, their water absorption ranges from satisfactory absorption of 0.38-19.41% the rocks also posses  in addition to the light weight and high thermal and sound insulation properties. The quality and technical specifications of these rocks  In light of the above, such specifications have been matched with the Romanian standard specification and it was clear that most of Yemen's Tuff and Ignimbrite stones are within these specifications except for the occurrences with a high proportion of ones with high occurrence of cracks and veins..etc such as Al-Abasiri and some types of Al-Manakhi stones.

12-2 Basalt:

Basalt rocks occur within the Tertiary and Quaternary volcanic rocks (21 discovered sites) with reserves of about one million m3. Compact basalt stones in Yemen are among the best for building foundations due to their high hardness and resistance to of erosion and weathering. factors. Vesicular Basalt is characterized, on the other hand, by their easy configuration and beauty adding grace and splendor to the building. Technically speaking, The qualitative weight of basalt is high ranging between 1.92 and 3.01% The specific gravity ranges from 1.92 to 3.01 and they have good compressive strength ranging from good resistivity of pressure of 187-2200 kg/cm2, a low water? absorption of 0.11-5.08% and have excellent  in addition to the thermal and sound high insulation properties. The specification of the Yemen basalts suitable for building and construction stone match In light of the above, such specifications have been matched with the Romanian standard specification. and it was clear that most of Yemen's Basalt fall within the required specifications.

12-3 Limestone and Dolomite

Limestone and Dolomite outcrop at numerous localities in Western Yemen Western occur largely in Yemen (57 discovered sites) with reserves of these sites totaling reaching about 5.3 billion m3. Limestone and dolomite rocks are soft rocks and have a wide range in colour variety of colors from bright white to beige to black. Through interpretation of the physical-mechanical testwork these rocks are considered to be of  experiments, it becomes obvious that such rocks are of high technical specifications that meet or exceed  lay within the international standards., and even better than them in certain blocks; the specific gravity varies from 1.9 to 2.86; the compressive strength varies from qualitative weight values were high to medium (1.9-2.86), good resistivity of pressure 234-1520 kg/cm2, the water absorption is low absorption of 0.04-9.05%. In light of the above, the majority of limestone and dolomite sites fall within the international standard specifications  (Romanian and American).

12-4 Travertine:

Travertine sediments in Yemen occur exclusively in 3 sites in Sana'a, Damt (Al-Dhalie) and Al-Qafr (Ibb) with in reserves of approximately 2.5 million m3. These rocks are characterized by good technical specifications and as they occur in brown and yellowish- white colours with a lot of voids. spaces. The technical specifications conform with are in conformity with the international standards (Romanian and American); the specific gravity varies from2.19 to 2.53, the compressive strength varies from  ualitative weight values were medium (2.19-2.53), good resistivity of pressure 250-800 kg/cm2, the water is low absorption of 2.3-5.9%. The specifications of these rocks means they can be used for In light of the above, the travertine in Yemen is valid for use as building and decorative purposes.

12-5 Granite and Gabbro

Reserves of granite and gabbro rocks in Yemen (78 discovered sites) comprise more than  which occur in tremendous reserves estimated at over 2.7 billion m3.  These rocks are characterized by their extreme hardness and the possibility of extracting very large fracture free blocks. Masses. They also occur exist in a wide range of colors with physical-mechanical specifications that exceed are beyond the international standards (Romanian and American) in certain sites; their specific gravity varies from 2.16 to 2.95, their compressive strength varies from  qualitative weight values are very high ranging between 2.16 and 2.95, very high resistivity of pressure of 423-2042  kg/cm2, and their water absorption is very low absorption of 0.05-2.63%. These rocks vary in composition and include In addition, there is a wide rock variation with the occurrence of granite, Granodiorite, Monzonite, Diorite, Gabbro and Gabbro-diorite…etc leading inevitably to the variation of the rock textures giving them a unique appearance. In view of these specifications  light of the above, most sites of granite and gabbro can be used are valid for use as building and decoration rocks as well as the building of dam walls, retaining walls and as aggregate for aircraft runways. especially to build the dams walls, back-up walls and to pave the airplanes runway.

12-6 Marble:

Marble rocks occurs in Yemen (17 discovered sites) in large reserves of over 180 million m3. They are characterized by high technical specifications and are able to be quarried as the possibility of extracting very large blocks.  They have  masses in a a variety of colors such as white, yellowish-white, grey, black and striped and spotted black. The deposits meet or exceed  Upon matching and comparing these specifications with the international standard specifications (Romanian and American), there appears to be a conformity; the specific gravity varies from 2.08 to 2.87, their compressive strength varies from  qualitative weight values are medium ranging between 2.87 and 2.08, good resistivity of pressure of 260-1130  kg/cm2, and their water absorption is very low absorption of 0.04-4.42%. It is noteworthy that the marble ores in some areas of Thanyiah in Mareb and Rayyan in AlJawf is used as building and decoration stone.  Mineralogical studies  while the mineral studies and chemical analyses indicate that revealed magnesite and dolomite are of high purity with magnesium oxide reaching about 45%. These rocks may be used for various industrial, agricultural and construction applications as well as their use instead of using them as marble.
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