Drilling and geotechnical services

services-9_03The Drilling Department in the Board executes all the drilling works, either for the technical projects in the Board itself or for the projects implemented by the public or the private sector with regard to the development projects or community service. The Drilling Department undertakes the diamond drilling works (core drilling). This type of drilling is used to extract core samples of various shapes using BQ, NQ, HQ AND PQ wire line tubes to as deep as 1200 meter. This method is used in different hard rock areas. Spiral drilling may also be used to extract fractured samples of different sizes depending on the used drill heads to a depth of 20 meters maximum.    

The Board has 6 different drillers. The Drilling Department schedules the mechanic drilling operations and conducts regular maintenance. The types of drillers owned by the Board can be listed as follows:


Drilling Prices:
The prices of drilling vary by the drill hole diameter, the stratigraphy and the location for the site.  Please see the Price List for more details.  drilling radius, type of rocks and the drilling site. For more details you may take a look at the Price List.

Services Drilling and geotechnical Drilling and geotechnical services